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Mongoose Traveller: The Superior Colonies

The Superior Colonies

Space is big, really big... and there's room for many new places. Gypsy Knights Games have settled to develop their own sector, and all the worlds they've published so far are somewhere in it (although you can of course put them anywhere you like in YOUR Traveller universe). This latest offering is no different, and contains details of a whole sub-sector although there are but three colonies, and those recently-planted, within it.

The sub-sector is named Superior, as is the first planet to be colonised. It's in the Gichigami system, which is presented in full detail before we get down to a description of the colony itself and the world on which it is to be found. The entire population live in and around a single settlement called Valequez, and they arrived some six years ago following an individual called Esteban Chowler who left his homeworld in a dispute over genetic engineering. Chowler wants to improve mankind through genetic engineering and selective breeding but also wished to force the process forwards by euthanasing 'unfit' stock from the gene pool. As both the government and populace of his homewold, Chennai, found this unacceptable, he left and set up his own colony in which he intended to prove the merits of his theories.

Whilst Superior ostensibly welcomes visitors, it's essential to fit in - or at least appear to do so - with some ideas which will prove quite foreign to the average Traveller character! This should prove quite entertaining for the Referee, and fortunately off-worlds who transgress are generally banished rather than the worse fates that await indigeneous dissidents.

The second colony is named Tupolev, and is found in orbit around the world of that name in the Zhukovski system as it is far too hot and dry to live on. Exploration in search of the ores that Tupolev is rich in is conducted by remote vehicles. Tupolev Station is a 'company town' belonging to a corporation called Bridges Unlimited, and is somewhere most characters will feel at home: indeed it has been designed by the corporation to be the sort of place travellers, merchants and others will flock to in search of rest and relaxation! Provided it does not harm others, visitors can do pretty much what they please although company employees are far more restricted.

The final colony is that of Brunson, the third planet of the Fisher system. Here there is a large ocean with a single supercontinent. The atmosphere is breathable and temperatures at the equator quite balmy, although polar regions are chilly. Settlement was driven by religious belief, the colony being founded by one Arthur Kincaid who found an alien artefact through which God told him to set one up somewhere so far unvisited by sentient beings as a 'promised land' for him and his followers. Acting as God's spokesman, Kincaid remains the leader. Interestingly, it is left to the individual Referee to decide if Kincaid is a charlatan or a true prophet (or merely deluded). Suffice it to say that visitors are barely tolerated...

Suggestions for likely reasons to visit any of these colonies are given, as are random encounters if travelling on the surface of Brunson or Superior and a few native beasties. Overall, should your travels bring you into this sub-sector, you will have a few tales to tell on your return! A nice, well-developed resource.

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Reviewed: 30 December 2012