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Mongoose Traveller: Gypsy Knights Games

Gypsy Knights Games

Gypsy Knights Games have approached their contribution to Traveller by creating their own sector and producing a wealth of resources for anyone visiting it - adventures, ships, organisations, planets, etc. Even if you do not want to go to Clement Sector, much of these materials can be used wherever your campaign is set.

Originally, Gypsy Knights Games released their product as compatible with Mongoose Traveller. When Mongoose published their revised game, Traveller J in 2016, they originally intended to update their work for use with it, but found incompatibilities between their business model and the license Mongoose was offering and so diverted their efforts to producing a Second Edition of their product using the Traveller OGL, i.e. still compatible with Mongoose Traveller in all but name.

First Edition
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Page last updated: 30 July 2016