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HeartQuest: Fudge Magic

Fudge Magic

Fifty-plus spells to bring magic into your HeartQuest game... or any Fudge game.

Publisher's blurb: "Magic makes the world go 'round, at least in most role-playing games.

"Fudge has an excellent set of magic rules in the Scholarly Magic rules, but those rules have two slight flaws: first, they were not available for developers when HeartQuest was first written and, second, there were only write-ups for two spells in the rules!

"Fudge Magic: 50 Magic Spells fixs both of these flaws. First, this supplement presents the rules for Scholarly Magic for HeartQuest players and game masters who did not want to buy another big rule book (and one not published by Seraphim Guard to boot!) just for some magic rules.

"Second, this is a resource for game masters and players who are looking for more spells for their Fudge-based games. Not only will you find a selection of 50 (well, more than fifty actually) spells to broaden your Fantasy Fudge games, but there are also a variety of magical items that can enhance the capabilities of any spell-casting character, as well as a few other bits and pieces that can be easily inserted into your games."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Author: Christopher Helton
Publishers' Reference: SGR23000
ISBN: n/a
PDF, 17 pages
Date: June 2007

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Product page last updated: 1 November 2014