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Dark Heresy 1e: The Lathe Worlds

The Lathe Worlds

New worlds in which to undertake your missions and spread the word.

Publisher's blurb: "For ten thousand years, the tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus have led the Cult of the Omnissiah. From their bastion Forges on the Lathe Worlds, they control all Holy Technology in the Calixis Sector.

"The Lathe Worlds is a supplement for Dark Heresy that reveals the secret history of the Lathe Worlds, from their mysterious founding to their current struggles against tech-heresy. What's more, players will gain access to new Alternate Careers such as the Mech-Assassin and Agent of the Lords Dragon, and arm themselves with weapons and gifts of the Omnissiah. And in a thrilling new adventure, your team will journey to a lost comet-station, where they'll stop renegade tech-priests from heretical experiments into the Warp!"

Megan's review

Book Details:
Authors: Matthew Boles, Max Brooke, Kendall Butner, Andy Chambers, Craig Gallant, Andy Hoare, & Ross Watson
Publishers' Reference: FFGDH18
ISBN: 978-1-58994-768-9
Hardback, 144 pages
Date: August 2012

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Product page last updated: 14 May 2015