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Dark Heresy 1e: Tattered Fates

Tattered Fates: Haarlock Legacy I

First in a definitive trilogy of epic Dark Heresy adventures called The Haarlock's Legacy, this adventure is designed for all levels of play, beginner or veteran Dark Heresy players can explore many different paths to success.

Publisher's blurb: "Something terrible stirs upon the pleasure planet of Quaddis. Portents and ancient evils become evident as the penultimate 13th Hour approaches. Will your Acolytes be able to discover the secret of the Haarlock's Legacy in time? From the bloody, labyrynthine Red Cages to the mansion of Gabriel Chase, the adventure draws the Acolytes into the dark underside of Quaddis. The affairs of the notorious Rogue Trader Erasmus Haarlock take form, setting the stage for the fate of the Calixis Sector."

Megan's review

Book Details:
Authors: Alan Bligh and John French
Publishers' Reference: FFGDH07
ISBN: 978-1-5899-4550-0
Hardback, 64 pages
Date: 2009

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Product page last updated: 9 April 2015