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Adventures in Filbar Product List

Adventures in Filbar

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

FN Series - the original campaign

  • FN0001: FN1: Trouble in Durwall Valley
  • FN0002: FN2: Eye of Gruumsh
  • FN0003: FN3: Warrens of the Trog King
  • FN0004: FN4: Recovery of the Intrepid
  • FN0005: FN5: The Holdfist Caverns
  • FN0006: FN6: Sunken Temple of Bulu
  • FN0007: FN7: Ruins of Tarlac Keep
  • FN0008: FN8: Codic Keep
  • FN0010: FN10: Abbey of Sobek

F Series - a new campaign

  • F0001: F1: Zombie Curse
  • F0002: F2: Crypt of Kendall Furfoot
  • F0003: F3: Adventure in Skull Pass
  • F0004: F4: Hall of the Dwarf Lords
  • F0005: F5: Liberation of Irongate
  • F0006: F6: Euriduis of Santos
  • F0007: F7: Challenge of the Minotaur
  • F0008: F8: Grotto of Torla Mir
  • F0009: F9: Quest for the Golden Rose
  • F0010: F10: Priory of Enyndeth
  • F0011: F11: Prison of Oxidosus
  • F0013: F13: Necropolis of Sutama
  • F0014: F14: Bog of Jelaneus

FS Series - for DM and one player

  • FS001: FS1: Fortitude Dungeon
  • FS002: FS2: Tabernacle of the Ka-Sik-Fal
  • FS003: FS3: Monastery of the White Rose
  • FS004: FS4: Xavier's Wand
  • FS005: FS5: Zenobia's Lute
  • FS006: FS6: Keep of Baron Sancrist
  • FS007: FS7: A Paladin's Warhorse
  • FS009: FS9: Water Weird's Wake

FC Series - urban adventures

  • FC0001: FC1: Turret of the Frost Giant
  • FC0002: FC2: Slaughter at Sengais
  • FC0003: FC3: Fens of Malack
  • FC0003: FC3: Golem of the Adurites

FO Series

  • FO0006: FO6: Conquest of Ironrod Tower
  • FO0008: FO8: The Thane's Crypt

FP Series

  • FP0001: FP1: Yasmine's Tower
  • FP0002: FP2: Under Castle Modum
  • FP0003: FP3: Cabal of Sukits
  • FP0004: FP4: Butchery of the Geldamore
  • FP0012: FP12: Raiders at Fargone
  • FP0013: FP13: Odie's Staff

FT Series - towns in Filbar

  • FT0002: Feastelburg
  • FT0003: Free City of Landos
  • FT0004: Havendale
  • FT0005: Cappadocia
  • FT0006: Arcanum College
  • FT0007: City of Filbar
  • FT0008: Lord Morningstar's Keep
  • FT0009: East Crystal Shores
  • FT0010: Silvantri
  • FT0Xer: Village of Xer

FA Series

  • FA0002: FA2: Springwood Forest
  • FA0004: FA4: Clover Island

FQ Series

  • FQ1 - Ruins of Heliopolis

Background Information on Filbar

  • FI0001: FI1: Adventures in Filbar I

Company Product list last updated: 22 December 2014