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Skull and Bones: Preview

Skull and Bones Preview

The pages chosen for the Preview highlight the additions that have been made to standard D20 Character Generation for the purposes of this particular game. These are called Backgrounds and Fortunes.

Each character has just the one Background. It defines his upbringing, social background and early experiences. You have to pay skill points to get your Background, but you do get some free ranks in specific skills depending on the Background chosen. Your Background may also modify Charisma-based reaction checks (as people who do not know you respond to how they perceive you) and may give you some useful contacts.

Backgrounds available include Colonist, Gentleman (or Lady) Adventurer, Indentured Servant, Native (American, than is), Pressed Man, Scum (gutter-dweller), Sea Devil (born to the pirate trade), Seaman (a sailor by choice), or Slave (escaped, of course).

Fortunes are described as being extra details to round out your character. Characters may pick up to four, and they may be gained or lost during play at the GM's discretion. Only a couple are given here - Code of Honour and Doll Eyes - but they give the flavour of what you might expect. Characters need to role-play the Fortunes they pick (or are given) or they may be docked XP!

An intriguing glimpse into the game.

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