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Cumberland Games & Diversions

Cumberland Games & Diversions

This company is a shining example of how the Internet has opened up the games market to those with ideas and talent, but who do not have the resources, time or inclination to go into business in a big way... Here, S.John Ross shares RPGs and other goodies via PDF files, many being free downloads and others for a small charge.

Everything is designed to entertain and to support role-playing. Things like information or locations that can be slotted into whatever you are playing, and a wondrously innovative concept: Sketches of monsters & other characters presented as TrueType fonts so that you can make your own 'cardboard cut-out' figures if you like to act things out on the tabletop.

Cumberland Games produces:-

Role-Playing Games

Support Products

  • All Systems Library
  • Sparks Paper Miniatures
  • Other Accessories

Visit the website.

Company Section last updated: 19 April 2019