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Outlive Undead: Corebook

Outlive Undead Corebook

Bringing the living dead to a tabletop near you...

Publisher's blurb: "Outlive Outdead is a cinematic zombie roleplaying game with both cooperative and 'Player vs. Player' elements. Zombies have risen and humanity struggles to survive in a horrific, deadly world. The game includes many unique aspects including:

  • Play a human, and when he dies, play zombies!
  • Character attributes based on what's necessary in a zombie apocalypse, such as Flee and Scrounge
  • Fast and easy rules for fluid, cinematic gameplay
  • Roll high for success, but if you roll too high, your human snaps from the stress
  • Create a human character with unique motivations and abilities
  • Create a zombie character type to hunt down the other players' human characters
  • Get infected and try to hide it from other players
  • Unique karma mechanic allows players to activate powers and flaws-for a karmic price
  • Setting creation system provides unique settings for one-shots and campaigns
  • Optional scoring system to turn up the competition!

Megan's review

Book Details:
Author: WJ MacGuffin
Publishers' Reference: HBG0101
ISBN: 9780983695929
PDF, 146 pages
Date: October 2012

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Product page last updated: 4 June 2013