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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Living Kingdoms of Kalamar

Living Kingdoms of Kalamar

Living Kingdoms of Kalamar was a shared campaign set in Kenzer & Company's Kingdoms of Kalamar setting running about 2002-2007 as far as I can tell. This is how the scene was set in the Campaign Briefing: -

In 563, Pekal was a nation on the brink of invasion, but plans were being made to try to insure the safety of the nation and prevent a cold war from suddenly becoming a very active and bloody conflict. Prince Kafen was unable to prevent this from happening, however, and in the summer of 565, the Tokite Army and the Kalamaran Legions appeared on the doorstep of Pekal, anxious for entry. The brave adventurers of Pekal managed to fend off the initial wave, but the navy of Pekal was severely weakened in the first blow, and the army has been recruiting heavily ever since the first incursion onto Pekalese soil.

In the midst of war, other intrigues and plots have spun around the exploits of adventurers. In 563, a census counted all the numbers of residents of Bet Rogala, in hopes of frightening off the Tokite army, to no avail. In 564, a light storm of combined magical and psionic energy rained down on Bet Rogala; the perpetrators of this attack on the city are still unknown. Later in 564, adventurers discovered a plot by Brandobian nations to take over Pekal in the event of actual war with Tokis so that Brandobian nations could claim Pekal for themselves rather than let it fall to the vast. In 565, dopplegangers plotting to impersonate and possibly assassinate Prince Kafen were foiled by adventurers. In early 566, adventurers Ingarin Ichidal and Vanitor Lasipar condemned the College of Magic for dangerously mislaying powerful magic that led to the raising of not one, but two undead hordes over the landscape of Pekal. The College responded with an open debate and airing of complaints, disrupted by further psionic intrigue. The encounter fueled public support for both the College of Magic and the Adventuring Community, which leapt in to defend Pekalese citizens against the new threat.

Now, with Tokite and Kalamaran forces waiting for the right moment to invade, and with the threat of even worse undead incursions, not to mention further intrigue from mysterious corners, it is a time of adventures. Pekal is in need of heroes. Are you among them?

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Page last updated: 4 February 2013