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Relief Efforts after Superstorm Sandy October 2012

Helping after Superstorm Sandy

The whole world looked on in horror as a massive storm descended on New York and surrounding areas... and as ever, gamers and game companies have rallied round to help! With the assistance of the good folk at One Book Shelf, both Roleplayers Chronicle and Point of Insanity Game Studio put together charity bundles in aid of Red Cross relief efforts. Thank you to everyone who helped make it possible, and to all the generous purchasers who dug deep in support.

The Roleplayers Chronicle Bundle brought together product from several publishers. A $20 donation brought you these items, a total value of $493.26!: -

  • '45 - Psychobilly Retropocalypse
  • 100 Points Four Square
  • Adversaries: The Triad (BASH)
  • Age of Lords: Campaign Setting Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
  • American Artifacts
  • Ancient Temple
  • Angels - Essentials
  • Angels - the Game of Divine Stories
  • Angels - the Story of Greene's Store
  • Antipaladins
  • Barroom Brawls
  • BP-CS0 Secret of the Pit Pathfinder
  • Call to Arms: Archer's Arsenal
  • CLASSifieds: Pyromancer
  • Clockwork and Chivalry 2nd Edition Core Rulebook
  • Coins of the Realm: Gold
  • Colonial Gothic: The Grimoire
  • Comicworld Germany
  • Comicworld Ukraine
  • Condition Tokens
  • Corporation Core Rules
  • Dark Shadows of Yesterday: An Earthdawn Novel
  • Diabolical Traps - The Maintenance Mummy
  • Dyvil: First Edition (Jeff Grubb's 30-Minute Roleplaying Game)
  • Edison Force
  • Equipment Cards
  • Faith & Demons: The Rising - Quick Start Guide
  • Faith & Demons: The Rising Player's Guide
  • Figurines of Wondrous Power
  • Fistful of Fantasy: 01
  • G-Core DELUXE
  • Gaslight Calender Pack
  • Gaslight Map Pack
  • Gaslight OGL Character Sheet
  • Gaslight Victorian Fantasy (OGL Edition)
  • Hell for Leather
  • Hellbrood: Countdown to Invasion
  • Hellfrost Creature Guide: Bufomi
  • Hope Prep School Freshman Handbook (ICONS)
  • Immortal Twilight: An Earthdawn Novel
  • It Came From Beyond The Still
  • It Came From Beyond The Still - Men in Plaid and Those Other Guys
  • It Came From Beyond The Still - Weapons Closet
  • Jingo
  • Killshot: An Assassin's Journal
  • Lady Bexington's Home for Wayward Zombies
  • Lizardfolk of the Dragon Fang
  • Mince Pies & Murder
  • Modern Floorplans: Cyber-Cafe
  • Modern Floorplans: Nightclub
  • Modern Floorplans: Passenger Jets
  • Modern Item Cards
  • Necropolis 2350 - The Long Sleep
  • Oriental Stories, Vol. 2: Four Classic Pulp Fiction Tales
  • Part-Time Gods
  • Pocket Troll #0
  • Portentous Dreams
  • Quick Worlds 17: Tal'Kalares
  • Quick Worlds 23: Ararat
  • Quick Worlds 24: Erlik
  • Quick Worlds 25: Sophronius
  • Racial Ecologies: Guide to Grippli
  • Random Acts of... Old West Violence
  • Random Acts of... Violence
  • Red Blizzard (Ingenium Version)
  • Ripped From the Headlines: Mission Interleumab-3
  • Roleplayers Chronicle Issue #1
  • ROLF: Steve Costigan and the Thief of Youth
  • ROLF: The Rollplaying Game of Big Dumb Fighters
  • Savage Insider Premium Issue #3
  • Shadow, Sword & Spell: Basic
  • Shadows of Dreams: Poetry by Robert E. Howard
  • Shadows over Ekul
  • Sherwood: The Legend of Robin Hood (OGL Edition)
  • Steve Miller's 30-Minute Roleplaying Game (SM-30)
  • Story Maps: Ocean Wreckage (PDF)
  • Tall Ships 8: The H.M.S. Victory
  • The Eternal Rest
  • The Gamers' Guide to the Space Opera Genre
  • The Gamers' Guide to Tabletop Role-playing Genres
  • The Imp Game - Mischief & Mayhem, Third Edition
  • The Modern Path - Arcana of the Modern World [PFRPG]
  • The Modern Path - Heroes of the Modern World 2.0 [PFRPG]
  • The Ossuary
  • The Perfect Storm
  • The Pine Ridge Horror
  • Tomorrowland: The Art of Aaron Acevedo
  • Troglodytes of the Tentacled One
  • Two-Bit Thugs
  • War of the Dead: Chapter Four (Package)
  • War of the Dead: Chapter One (Package)
  • War of the Dead: Chapter Three (Package)
  • War of the Dead: Chapter Two (Package)
  • War of the Dead: The Paper Dead (Set 1)
  • When the Navy Walked - Revised Core Rules
  • [PFRPG] Phantasia Zoologica Volume I: Cats, Dogs & Horses
  • [PFRPG] Shadowglade: Player's Guide to Shadowglade

As for the Point of Insanity Games Studio bundle, cough up $8.50 and get some $12.50 of product: -

  • Elemental Cross Systemless Setting
  • MADS Quick Start Rules
  • Mine of the Goblin Horde

Again, many thanks for making it both easy and rewarding to contribute to such a good cause!

Page last updated: 9 November 2012