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Pathfinder RPG: Feats of Strength

Feats of Strength

Living up to its 'No full or filler' billing, this product consists of a single page containing eight feats that all capitalise on a character's strength. Most, but not all, have a set strength threshold requirement, but all give a strong character extra options to develop the ways in which he uses his strength to his advantage.

Aging gamers such as myself will remember how AD&D characters had a bend bars/lift gates rating based on their strength. I wrote some house rules (which saw the light of day in an obscure journal) to extend these to the art of escapology... and now here's a feat to the same end, Break Bonds! Powerful characters (you need an STR of 17+) can use this feat to gain a bonus to attempts to break free of any restraints, with the added bonus of intimidating any opponents who see this occur. Neat.

If your aim is to use massive strength in combat, you might wish to consider Crushing Disarm, Headlong Charge or Smashing Bow depending on your particular combat style. More sneaky characters may prefer Sucker Punch, while those who like causing mayhem in general can take Master of Disaster - any time your blow misses your opponent, you can roll again to smash any nearby inanimate object instead!

For magic-using characters, there is Sap Strength, which allows any strength-related damage that your spells do to be leeched to restore damage done to your own strength (or your hit points if your strength is fine). Finally, those characters who prefer not to use great strength to intimidate and bully can take Gentle Giant, and use the endearing aspects of being responsible about being strong to enhance their interpersonal relationships via a boost to Diplomacy checks.

An interesting if mixed bag of strength-related feats giving scope for characters who rely on their physical prowess to develop it in different directions to suit their style.

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Reviewed: 26 October 2012