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Pathfinder RPG: 30 Cloaks of Deception

30 Cloaks of Deception

If you think that a cloak is for more than keeping the wind and rain off you, more than a blanket to keep you warm at night, this may be of interest... and if you are a GM, these can make interesting and unusual 'treasures' for characters to find.

Opening with a list of 30 cloaks divided up into minor, medium and major items complete with numbers should you wish to use percentage dice to roll for a random cloak (quite useful if you just want to put one into a cupboard or on a peg for characters to find, rather than use it as a plot item), we then get descriptions of each one. (The table, for no readily explained reason is headed 'Rings' - possibly the table from a compainion volume about rings being reused...). They sound quite fun and potentially useful without being game-changing.

The very first one, the snow-white Cloak of Authority, sounds like just what I need - I've just taught the first lesson of the academic year, fortunately my students behaved themselves without need of magical assistance! However, had I got one, this Cloak confers an aura of authority on the wearer which makes other creatures inclined to listen to what the wearer has to say. Each entry gives details of appearance, cost on the open market and the requirements to make one, should you feel inspired. There's also information - both descriptive and rules-mechanical - about the effects that it has, so that once found, purchased or made you can use it to effect in the course of your game.

Most give some small advantage to the wearer, and as you'd expect with something as flamboyant as a cloak, it is often something to do with illusion, concealment or in other ways affecting people's perception. Then there's the Cloak of Heraldry. When you put it on, you choose the colour and the heraldic symbol you want to display... but choose wisely, as you can then get that symbol to make melee attacks on those nearby!

Not all are benign, however. The Cloak of the Contrary makes the wearer disagree with everything, and tell lies into the bargain. It will, however, allow the wearer to tell if someone is lying to them.

To round out the list there's a full-blown artefact cloak, complete with backstory... use it as is, or as inspiration for writing your own backgrounds and weaving the cloak of your choice into your adventures.

It's a fun little work, helpful if you want to add some rather more unusual items to treasure hoards or hand out interesting rewards, something to tuck away until you have a use for it. Read through the various cloaks, you may even find inspiration for a whole adventure based around one.

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Reviewed: 10 September 2012