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Æther: Camp Wicakini

Camp Wicakini

This is a merry romp of an adventure, best played as a one-off as character survival is (intentionally) quite unlikely. Mix zombies with a stereotype of an American summercamp, stir in a little Native American lore, stand back and watch the fun!

The set-up is simple. Take a remote and isolated summercamp with 60 youngsters and slightly older camp counsellors, raise a crafty old Native American warrior as a super-smart zombie and... you can guess the rest. In this book you get a basic sketch of the campsite and a few details of the structures and other stuff there. If you like more detail, I'd recommend a look at Fabled Environments's Summer Camp, which would be ideal for this adventure. (Indeed, if you hunt around in the Fabled Environments listing on DriveThruRPG, you can buy it in a bundle with this product!)

Whilst you can, of course, generate your own characters, a bunch of stereotypical camp counsellors are provided and are the recommended player-characters for this adventure. Will they defeat the threat? Will they keep the kids safe? Can they contact civilisation for help? Or will they become zombies themselves? In best zombie-movie style, this is up to you and your players...

This is pure escapist zombie fun and to be treated as such. A good game to let hair down with, to enjoy for an evening, perhaps as a break from more 'serious' gaming! Well-developed set up, pre-generated characters that are realistic enough to imagine but perhaps not quite real enough to care about, all the ingredients for a classic zombie adventure.

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Reviewed: 14 August 2012