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Blue Planet

Blue Planet

Blue Planet is a fascinating game originally produced by Biohazard Games and set about 200 years in the future. Explorations through a wormhole somewhere in the vicinity of Pluto have revealed a beautiful habitable planet in a far-distant solar system. Colonists set out, meanwhile things on Earth went from bad to worse. Contact with this planet, named Poseidon, was lost, and has only just been reestablished. Now the 'original' colonists have to cope with an influx of newcomers, including Incorporates set on exploiting the Blue Planet on which they have made their home.

The game designers include a marine biologist and several people who dive, leading to a rich, well-developed setting that 'works' ecologically as well as a game system!

The Second Edition was published and distributed by Fantasy Flight Games, while PDF distribution has been licensed to RedBrick.

Blue Planet 1e Blue Planet 2e
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Page last updated: 5 August 2017