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Pathfinder RPG: Divine Favour - The Inquisitor

Divine Favour: The Inquisitor

Anyone seeking to bring justice to the wild environs of their campaign world could benefit from at least a flip through this, if not a more thorough read.

Opening with a brief analysis of the character class - more interested in deal harm to the bad guys than healing, strengthening or supporting the rest of the party like other divinely-powered characters - this work presents a collection of new stuff for budding (and indeed experienced) Inquisitors.

First up, two new Abilities: the Censure and the Condemnation. The Censure takes one of several forms from emitting blasts of divine energy (positive or negative depending on the Inquisitor's tutelary deity), affecting movement in the air or on the ground or even causing the target excruciating pain! Likewise the Condemnation Ability grants a range of transitory powers, but more powerful, as this Ability only becomes available at third level. Like all such abilities, you choose the one you want each time you reach a level at which you may take another one. Naturally, they all give the chosen opponent, on which you must make a touch attack, some disadvantage - from merely sickening him to striking him blind or turning him to stone at higher levels! Plenty to conjure with here.

Next, some new Inquisitions, to be used in place of a regular cleric's Domain. Depending on deity, and preference, you may like Balance or Fire or Darkness or Lightning - fun one, strike down some saucy foe with a quick lightning bolt! Careful selection will enable you to have your Inquisitor develop a toolbox of abilities that can become his trademark style.

These are followed by new archetypes. Perhaps a Ghost Hunter, running down those pesky undead. Or a Hand of God, a holy slayer who grants the blessed sacrament of death to those who refuse again and again to hear the word of truth (as you see it). There are plenty more... an interesting one might be the Witch Hunter, given that there's also a Witch character class...

Finally, new spells and new feats. No such work would be complete without them. One delightful spell (well, not if you are on the receiving end!) is Nail Foot. Of particular amusement if you are tracking a foe, you find his footprints, pierce one with a sharp object... and the poor fellow gets a stabbing pain in his foot and limps off as if it had been his actual foot rather than a footprint in the mud that had been poked! Ouch!

A nice range of options for honing and enhancing your Inquisitor into a distinctive and deadly foe. Well worth a look!

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Reviewed: 28 February 2012