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RuneQuest I: Guilds, Factions and Cults

Guilds, Factions and Cults

Understand society and embed yourself within it...

Publisher's blurb: "Suitable for all RuneQuest settings, including Elric and Hawkmoon, Guilds, Factions and Cults opens up the possibilities to players seeking to ally their characters with greater forces. From humble craftsmen guilds and cults following demonic demigods, to nation-spanning political forces and the mightiest gathering of mages, this book allows players and Games Masters to create new guilds and cults within their games, detailing their membership, benefits, and rivalries. As players ascend through the ranks of their cult, they may get embroiled in guild wars and missions vital to the survival of their allies."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Author: Lawrence Whitaker
Publishers' Reference: MGP8160
ISBN: 978-1-906508-34-0
Paperback, 128 pages
Date: July 2009

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Product page last updated: 11 December 2013