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Dungeons & Dragons: Redhurst Academy of Magic Spellflag Rules

Redhurst Academy of Magic Spellflag Rules

Spellflag is a sort of magical touch-football game played at Redhurst Academy of Wizardry, mostly by members of the student body. This web enhancement provides all the rules necessary for playing the game. Personally, I'd find actually playing out a game rather long-winded and a detraction from the actual role-playing, but it could be entertaining if it was a contributing part of the adventure you were running, especially if the characters are Redhurst students and involved on the team.

The game is simple, but capable of much variation. Big field, each team has a spellflag - specially enchanted - and the aim is to get hold of the other team's spellflag and move it through your scoregate while preventing them from returning the favour with your spellflag. Then the fun starts. Within certain limits, magic may be used during play. Also, the pitch may be 'modified' by the opposing teams, who are able to work on half of it each, and set up real or illusionary terrain and obstacles. By convention, all illusions must be treated as real for the purposes of the game. Although each team has the advantage of knowing the end they set up, they have to change ends frequently so need to be adaptable enough to cope with the other team's construct as well.

The rules are actually quite simple and clear - apart from one bit which I cannot make head or tail of: how you actually get hold of the opposition spellflag. There are one or two errors that proof-reading should have caught (like being told that there are 10 people on a team, six in play and the other three in reserve???), but they don't detract from the sense apart from this one rather vital part! Once the spellflag has been acquired, however, the rules for passing and tackling are pretty much touch-football, except that a flag is a lot harder to pass than a ball, although you are allowed to improve its aerodynamic properties slightly by tying a knot in it.

As the game is primarily intended for students, it's expected that players will at best be able to cast up to 2nd level spells; but of course there are a lot of potentially-damaging ones even at such low levels. Some spells are banned, and special 'lesser' versions of others are used; and there are some special rules like the prohibition on grease being cast on the spellflag, although you may use it in any other manner.

Overall, it adds colour to the Redhurst scene and if your players fancy actually trying it out, could prove entertaining if time-consuming. Use with care, and make sure that the spellflag match is an integral part of your plot, and it ought to be a bit of fun!

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