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ICONS is a streamlined superhero role-playing game produced by Adamant Entertainment, and made available to several other companies who produce support material for the game via a royalty-free 'compatibility' licence under which all product must operate under and rely upon the ICONS ruleset, rather than be stand-alone.

The game mechanic is based around 2D6, which need to be of different colours as one is 'positive' and the other 'negative.' When a test is rolled, subtract the 'negative' die from the 'positive' one to get a number from +5 to -5 which you then add to the level of the appropriate ability. This represents the effort you've managed, which may have to equal or exceed a referee-set difficulty (or someone else's effort in, for example, a brawl) to succeed. That's it. Get your cape and the fun starts!

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Page last updated: 20 September 2011