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D20 Cartographer: Cleric’s Cathedral Map Pack

Cleric's Cathedral Map Pack

It's not just beautiful, it's useful and versatile as well!

For a start, this mapset is good to look at. Better, it starts spawning ideas as soon as you start to explore a cathedral replete with back offices, nooks and crannies, a cloister in which to contemplate the teachings of your deity and even a pulpit from which to preach to the faithful! And that is just the DM's overview map... never mind when you start to enjoy the full-scale ones.

You get a whole bunch of resources here. If you have access to a large-scale printer, maybe at a copyshop, you can print out poster-sized maps in full colour or greyscale (which works well if you can get hold of parchment-effect paper...). For normal tabletop use, your home printer can churn out a 'sliced' version at A4 or letter size, which you can stick together as needed. If you play online using a virtual table-top, you not only have the map to play with in convenient sections, there are a whole collection of additional bits and pieces to place as you please, the sort of paraphenalia you might find in a fantasy/mediaeval place of worship (although purists might quibble that it's an 'altar' not an 'alter' - an easy mistake to make).

The detail, the quality of the rendering, is quite exceptional, verging on the photo-realistic. It's a pleasure just to look at, and if you are on the search for a religious centre for your game, there is considerable scope here. I can feel ideas coming on already...

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Reviewed: 18 August 2011