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Mongoose Traveller: Supplement 10: Merchants and Cruisers

Supplement 10: Merchants and Cruisers

Whatever sort of space vessel you fancy, there ought to be something for you here.

Publisher's blurb: "Merchants and Cruisers, the tenth book in the highly successful Traveller supplement line, is a giant resource for referees looking to populate space between the stars with new ships, and players looking for a new ride. Every ship in this book is individually illustrated and presented with a vector-format deck plan.

"From the tiniest of fighters to powerful cruisers, this book provides not just new ships but also new variations on existing themes to ensure no ship encounter need ever be the same as another throughout an entire campaign."

Megan's review

Book Details:
Authors: Unknown
Publishers' Reference: MGP3858
ISBN: 978-1-907702-35-8
Paperback, 138 pages
Date: June 2011

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Product page last updated: 10 August 2015