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Pathfinder RPG: Zeitgeist Adventure Path Preview - The Skyseer

Zeitgeist Adventure Path Preview: The Skyseer

Earlier promotional material has informed us both that a major innovation of this adventure path is to be the 'character theme' and that the skyseers are pivotal individuals in the land, so what better to present as a further preview but the skyseer theme?

To start with, these 'character themes' are a variant on the traits introduced in the Advanced Player's Guide from Paizo, and widely used in their own adventure paths. Instead of choosing two appropriate traits at character generation, you may instead choose a single theme, which like the traits confers a minor but interesting mechanical advantage.

So, to the skyseer. Throughout the ages, the people of Risur have sought answers, advice, and guidance from the stars above; and historically a body of knowledge has developed enabling the practitioner to glean much from the night sky. Traditionally, this art has been druid-led and to this day most skyseers have been druid-trained even if they don't follow that vocation themselves. Of late, however, skyseering seems to be a dying art but there are still some who seek out this ancient knowledge... and one of these rare folk may be your character.

Whilst the use of the sky as a tool for prophecy may be outmoded in this technological age, skyseers also have more practical skills: those of navigation and timekeeping - so many find employment aboard ship or with travellers and explorers. However, taking this theme does empower the character to request a prophetic dream (even if he may be well-advised to be circumspect about discussing it), and also allows limited prediction of the course of a fight. Quite a challenge to GM, but could prove very interesting!

Finally, there's a run-down of planar knowledge and the night sky as known to skyseers. So, here is something interesting and unusual that could, if well-played and well-GMed, make a spectacular addition to a campaign... and is not so wedded to this setting that it could not be used elsewhere with your own cosmology. And more such themes are promised for the full Player's Guide to add even more spice and variety to your game!

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Reviewed: 2 July 2011