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Pathfinder RPG: Zeitgeist Adventure Path Player Primer

Zeitgeist Adventure Path Player Primer

The second 'advertising flyer' for the Zeitgeist Adventure Path is designed to tell interested parties, and particularly those who might play in the campaign, about the setting of the adventures. As member of the Homeland Constabulary, the characters are tasked with defending the good citizens of Risur from threats within their very borders... but all is not quite what it seems (when is it ever?) and many are the dark secrets that they will unearth as they go about their tasks.

There is a series of thumbnail outlines of the races to be found in Risur and some of the strange and diverse influences acting upon them. To find out more, or if one concept has already caught your eye, there is a more comprehensive Player's Guide which will provide comprehensive details to enable you to create and play the character of your choice - although if you are already chomping at the bit, the author says that you could manage fine with this information alone. A major strand appears to be the death of an elf goddess some 500 years ago, an event which had cataclysmic effects far beyond the understandable distress it caused to her own devotees. Technology is quite advanced, even to the level of firearms, whilst dwarves believe that they, at least, are coming to the end of their story and that their kind will soon cease to walk the land.

There's a very brief timeline, less history than even the most inattentive youngling will have picked up on the school bench, and a nice map showing both Risur and the surrounding lands. Overall, the setting in a neat two-page thumbnail that can live in a folder with your character sheet as a ready-reference. If you don't have at least a sneaking urge to play this campaign after reading this, check your pulse.

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Reviewed: 2 July 2011