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Pathfinder RPG: Zeitgeist Adventure Path Intro

Zeitgeist Adventure Path Intro

An excellent idea, a good-looking two-page handout to introduce the new adventure path from EN Publishing, something that gives the gist of the nature of the campaign to players and GMs alike: and once a GM has decided to run it, something to pass round to whet his players' appetites well before there is anything more substantial to share with them (as this came out a good few months before the full Player's Guide).

Two pages it may be (and that is handy enough, print double-sided and hand out but a single sheet!) but there's plenty packed in. First, a summary: Risur is a land where technology is burgeoning, despite the surrounding forests that are teeming with the fey but there's a new age, the 'zeitgeist' coming, or so the skyseers say.

Next, an outline of what is to come publication-wise. A series of thirteen linked adventures, which will take characters from 1st level to the dizzy heights of 20th level (Pathfinder) or 20th level (D&D 4e), in a rich world rife with plotlines and interesting NPCs with whom to interact. The characters, employed as members of the Homeland Constabulary of Risus, face challenges aplenty as they protect the citizens from threats within the very borders of the country.

Apart from a pretty picture, the second page is advertising, explaining how the main sales route will be by subscription (including it being a perk for those who have paid membership of the EN World discussion website), but that adventures will also be on sale. There will be two versions of each adventure, one for each ruleset, but those who chose to subscribe will not have to decide which ruleset they want, they get access to both! Neat.

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Reviewed: 2 July 2011