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Pathfinder RPG: Infestation


Just as in the real world, cataclysmic events also have domestic consequences, as families and organisations are forced to seek alternate premises whilst their own, damaged or destroyed, are repaired. Here we have a congregation who have a rarely-used place of worship in the Temple District which, being kind and religious types, they are willing to loan out to those in need. Trouble is, the temple has already been taken over by somewhat unpleasant denizens of the sewers, who have been rendered homeless but were not in the mood to wait to be invited to take up residence. Someone's going to have to do something about it!

Several ideas for getting the characters involved are provided. If they're members of the congregation their superiors suggest the task as a trial of faith. Or a wealthy worshipper might ask them to take on the job for pay. There's a few other suggestions as well, at least one is delightfully sneaky and probably the one I'll employ when I run the adventure next! The temple in question is dedicated to a Goddess of the Harvest, and is only used at harvest-time. The cult has fallen on hard times, so the prospects of much reward are low... and they are quite keen to stress that it would be most inconvenient if the place got damaged as they would not be able to afford much in the way of repairs!

The entire Temple District is pretty chaotic, as many displaced or injured folks have sought aid here. It's well described in an atmospheric manner, and there's scope for you to bulk out events a bit should you so wish. As for the temple itself, it's small and rather tatty but the new inhabitants do not want to leave and are prepared to defend it vigorously! Unfortunately, being sewer-dwellers originally, they are none too good at personal hygiene and a few cure disease spells may come in useful. Oh, and they are not the only displaced persons in residence, some critters have taken refuge here too... and there are things there that the original owners apparently didn't know about as well. Plenty to keep the characters busy once they embark on the task of clearing the place.

The adventure is designed to run in a single evening and as such is pretty straightforward. Yet it manages to pack in a lot of flavour, a lot of those delightful small details that make your alternate reality come alive. Should the characters be successful at cleaning the place out, fortune smiles on the cult and it prospers, giving them a long-term resource for favours. A neat little adventure to have to hand.

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Reviewed: 26 May 2011