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Hurricane/Flood Disaster Relief

Millions of Americans have been impacted recently by severe storms and flooding. The Southeastern United States suffered a series of storms that spawned dozens of tornadoes, some in the "Twister" category of destructive power. At the same time, parts of Kentucky, Illinois, and Missouri are suffering the worst flooding since 1937 - yet another disaster of terrible, tragic proportions.

Yet again, OneBookShelf and RPG publishers are stepping up with products and bundles designated to generate revenue to go directly to aid efforts in these areas, and OBS are also providing a direct donation link for you to contribute to Feeding America, an organization making sure that the folks in the affected areas do not go hungry as they struggle to recover. Please be generous and spare whatever you can to help those upon whom disaster has fallen!

Feeding America Click HERE to make a $5 donation.
Point of Insanity Game Studio Point of Insanity have created an American Red Cross charity bundle, containing the MADS Role Playing Game and MADS Manual of Might supplement. Until May 21 profits from this bundle will be donated to the American Red Cross' effort to aid the victims of the recent tornados in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, and other parts of the south.
Savage Mojo Savage Mojo have put together a Gamescapes Disaster Relief bundle, saying "Proceeds from this bundle (minus administrative costs) will be donated to the American Red Cross. We appreciate your support and are glad to have a way to contribute to fundraising for storm relief in the southern U.S." The bundle contains some beautiful examples of their Gamescapes line - Battlemat Terrain: Ice Realm, Gamescapes: Story Cards, Fantasy Set 1, Gamescapes: Story Cards, Pirates Set 1, Gamescapes: Story Cards, Sci-fi Set 1, Gamescapes: Story Cards, Western Set 1, and Story Maps: Balloon Airship... an excellent introduction to what this company offers, almost $25 value of product for a $10 donation!
Hex Games Hex Games have added the Hex Flood Relief Bundle to help flood victims in Kentucky, Illinois, and Missouri. Proceeds will be donated to the Bazooka Irregulars (a grassroots group of volunteers who are helping flood victims in Western Kentucky) and the American Red Cross. For a $5.98 donation, you get American Artifacts 2 and QAGS setting Roller Girls Vs.
Anaithnid Games Anaithnid Games have contributed Operation Red Cross, putting their Operation game and associated soundtrack together for a $5 donation (you'd usually pay nearly $15, so it's a good way to find out about this innovative and unusual game!).

Page last updated: 7 May 2011