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Pathfinder RPG: 30 Rings of Defence

30 Rings of Defence

This magnificent book of bling dives straight in with a table listing the rings available herein, including cost and random rolls to allow them to be chosen as minor, medium or major treasure items. A side note mentions that if spells from either the Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide or Rite Publishing's 101 Spells series is used in a ring's creation, enough information is supplied here so that you don't need to rush out and buy that book just so as to be able to craft the ring you want!

So, straight on then to an alphabetical listing of the rings. Each follows a standard layout that makes it easy to find the information you want, starting with what aura is discernable and the ring's CL. Other technical information includes cost to make as well as a purchase price/value, the slot it occupies in use and weight (negligable); and the other requirements - feats and spells - to make one for yourself. The body of the text describes both what the ring looks like and what it does - both as an 'in character' account of what you'll experience when its activated and in game mechanical terms.

There's quite an intriguing range of rings, mostly with powers that will come in useful during combat. Others are quite wierd - a ring of foul flavour makes your flesh taste so bad that any opponent with a bite attack really, really doesn't want to bite you twice - but at the cost of wearing a ring that looks (and smells) like it's made of rotten meat! And of course, you have get bitten once for the creature to realise just how nasty you taste. The ring of retaliation is possibly more satisfying, if anyone attacks you whilst you are wearing it, you promptly get an attack of opportunity against whoever had the temerity to hit you.

As well as being handy when you decide that there's going to be a ring in your next treasure hoard, these rings may perhaps be the talk in local arcane circles leading a character to seek to purchase or make one (or have it made for him), some might prove suitable rewards for a high-ranking cleric or noble to bestow on a worthy follower... and there's enough displayed on how they've been put together that should you have a different effect that you'd like in a ring, it ought not to be too difficult to make it so.

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Reviewed: 27 March 2011