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Japan Earthquake 2011


(Help Japan)

Yes, gamers are once again stepping up to contribute to relief efforts, this time to aid in the aftermath of the earthquake in Japan. This time, it is a bit more peacemeal, but there are several ways in which you can donate AND maybe pick up a few goodies along the way.

Here are the various gaming-related opportunities to give that I've found so far. Pick those that appeal, but do give something. Please. Our Japanese friends are in need. Click on the image(s) of choice.

It's a bit hard to calculate the total raised by the various OBS efforts, but it's over $54,000!!! Wow! Thank you to everyone involved: be you a publisher, a purchaser or the OBS team who hung it all together.

Paizo Publishing Paizo Publishing organised an auction of autographed books and original artwork: raising a magnificent $4016.
OBS $5 to the Red Cross Quick off the mark as ever, OBS made it simplicity itself to give $5 to the Red Cross. This collection is now closed, I'll post the figure raised once I know it myself - but a big Thank You to everyone who gave!
Ronin: Oriental Adventures Highmoon Games has rushed out a special edition of their Ronin: Oriental Adventures OGL game, the $5 cost being donated to the Red Cross. A suitable choice, thanks!
Dork Covenant For a limited period, Dork Covenant will be on sale for $5 in aid of the Red Cross. So you can laugh as you help! Thank you, Dork Storm Press.
The Unspeakable Oath 18 Or you may have prefered Arc Dream Publishing's The Unspeakable Oath - a grand total of 176 copies of issue 17 were sold, with proceeds of $570 going to the Red Cross! The offer's now closed, but if you missed it, it is on normal sale at this link.
Point of Insanity Game Studio Point of Insanity Game Studio put together a special bundle of their product, for a $6 donation you got the Action Planet RPG, the MADS Quickstart and a copy of Mazes & Missions... worth $10 in total. This offer is now closed, but thanks, guys!
Modern Mediaeval Sword's Edge Publishing have re-issued their magnificent D&D 3e product which brought the technology of the Medieval and early Renaissance period to your game, a snip at $5 even without the warm glow from knowing your money is going to help the Red Cross.
Sword's Edge Press And if that were not enough, Sword's Edge Publishing have also put together a bundle, donate $5 and get their Albenistan: Election Day (Modern Dispatch 113) (a cracking little adventure!), Arcane Kingdoms (D&D 3e setting), Canada's Combined Security Reconnaissance Section for D20 Modern, For Simple Coin - some good fiction, Khorforjan Gambit (another fine adventure), Modern Dispatch (#104): Line Zero AND Modern Dispatch 120: Cyber-state Avatar Toolkit - over $10-worth of classic stuff, much of which has not been available for a while... yet another reason to dive in and grab it now!
Applied Vectors Applied Vectors have also put together a bundle, donate $18 and get a MASSIVE collection of their outstanding 'Hero Art Templates' to bring your character to life.
Noir Poster Anime artist David Blanchard is selling this spectacular image in aid of the relief effort.
Space Pirate Games Space Pirate Games have put together a bundle of their Indepth System Survey Report and Quick Reference Series Planet Cards, proceeds to the Red Cross.
Hentai Tsunami Postmortem Studios have put together a massive bundle of assorted stuff with a vaguely Japanese connection, $15 towards the relief effort gains you some $50-worth of games, art, etc.

Page last updated: 9 April 2011