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Abandon All Hope: Seeds of Rage

Seeds of Rage

This adventure has been designed purposely as an introduction - as far as player-characters are concerned - to the setting and initial events of Abandon All Hope, beginning as convicts on a prison ship heading out goodness knows where and encountering things that will make the toughest minds crack. However, as an introduction, the events in the adventure begin before the strange events, known as Perdition, start - the characters will experience its first manifestations in all their terror.

So, the adventure opens with some background setting of the scene, and then begins what appears to be another normal day - the convicts have been here for nearly 2,000 days already so by now things have settled into a routine. As events occur, any die rolls necessary for resolution are explained, helping introduce playes to the system as well as their characters to their situation.

Then, of course, things get worse. The event that ultimately becomes known as Perdition occurs. The ship seems to be almost falling apart around the characters' ears. Events pile upon events, a claustrophobic maelstrom of fires and debris and trapped men - and worse - through which the characters must struggle to survive.

It is a fairly linear adventure, although it is possible to present it in such a way that it is not apparent to the players. This is also one of those games where it is far more fun for players who do not know what is going on... pick one member of your group to be the GM and leave them to it, rather than have more than one take turns at running this particular game. But the adventure itself is atmospheric and capable of generating a horrific, scary, claustrophobic episode to get your campaign underway.

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Reviewed: 6 March 2011