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OBS Appeal for New Zealand 2011

OBS Red Cross Appeal for New Zealand 2011

Yet again OBS stepped forward, and with the aid of many generous publishers, provided a way for gamers to help those affected by the massive earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand on 22 February 2011.

It's not about the freebies, but if you needed a reason to donate, here's the list of what you got. The 'Bundle' offer has now closed, having raised $46,125 to aid the Red Cross in providing disaster relief in New Zealand. Thank you to everyone involved!

  • Advanced Feats: The Witch's Brew (Pathfinder RPG): Open Design
  • Al Shir-Ma: Imaginary Empire
  • Annalise Final Edition PDF: ndp design
  • Arcane Kingdoms: Sword's Edge Publishing
  • Armageddon the End Times: Eden Studios
  • Badass gunslingers and lethal combat cars: Black Hand Source
  • Beat to Quarters: Omnihedron Games
  • Better Mousetrap: Misfit Studios
  • Book of Knights: Nocturnal
  • Cold City v1.1: Contested Ground Studios
  • Critical Matters (Combat Essentials 1): Final Redoubt Press
  • CthulhuTech Core Book: WildFire
  • Dark Shadows of Yesterday: An Earthdawn Novel: RedBrick
  • Encounter Pages [PFRPG]: Purple Duck Games
  • Fantastical Currencies: Kingdom Edition Master Set 1: Empty Room Studios Publishing
  • Future Armada: Gryphon: Ki Ryn Studios
  • ICONS: The Mastermind Affair: Adamant Entertainment
  • Ingenium: Silver Gryphon Games
  • Kingdoms of Legend: World Map Poster: Interaction Point Games
  • Lexicon of Traps: Ennead Games
  • Mecha-RPG: Heroic Journey Publishing
  • OBE: Poisoncraft for D&D 4E: The Codex Venenorum: Highmoon Games
  • Outdoor surfaces boardgame bases 1: FSpace Publications
  • Remember Tomorrow: BoxNinja
  • RPGPundit's GnomeMurdered RPG: Precis Intermedia
  • Scion: Hero: White Wolf
  • Serpent Scales #3: Return to Monster Island (Savage Worlds Edition): Atomic Overmind Press
  • Supernatural Role Playing Game: Margaret Weis Productions
  • Tales From The Floating Vagabond: Reality Cheque
  • Tall Ships 8: The H.M.S. Victory: Scrying Eye Games
  • Tegel Manor - Revised & Expanded Edition: Judges Guild
  • The Dark Fantasy of Sundrah - Core Rulebook: Scaldcrow Games
  • The Free Musketeers: Savage Mojo
  • The Hidden Current: Blackbyrne Publishing
  • The Play's the Thing: Pantheon Press
  • The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon: Talula Games
  • To Kill or Not To Kill: Rite Publishing
  • Trauma Case Inbound: AstroNavis & NeoNavis
  • USA-50: West: D3 Games
  • [PFRPG] Paths of Power: 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming
  • Uncle Cucuy's Lucha Libre!: Fabled Worlds

Company Product list last updated: 3 March 2011