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Conan RPG 2e: Betrayer of Asgard

Betrayer of Asgard

Plenty of work for the sword-arm as well as your wits in this campaign!

Publisher's blurb: "'Let not the sword sleep in your hand, son of Asgard, nor let the blood lie thick and cold in your veins! Now is the time for battle, for bloodshed and for bold deeds that you will boast of in the meadhall - or in Valhalla! The white snows shall bear witness to our red victory over the dogs of Vanaheim!'

"So speaks Cneph Coalhair, a mighty king of Asgard - but forces are moving in the north beyond the petty rivalries of mortal men. A foe, terrible and ancient, sleeps in the cold wastes beyond the north wind. Across the frozen tundra and towering mountains, the men of Asgard battle the Vanir, unaware that their true foe stirs in his sleep and plots to bring all the world to ruin. He is able to do this because one of the Aesir has turned on their kin and allied with the enemy - Asgard has been betrayed, and doom is coming!

"Conan & The Betrayer of Asgard is an adventure arc that takes your characters from 5th to 9th level, throwing them into the thick of the action as they battle Vanir berserkers, undead hordes, eldritch horrors and more! In the course of this epic adventure, the adventures will travel from the heart of Vanaheim to the very borders of fabled Hyperborea and beyond, and their swords will not lack skulls to cleave! But it will take more than sharp swords and bloodlust to save the northland - the characters must piece together the clues and identify the traitors before it is too late!"

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Author: Gareth Hanrahan
Publishers' Reference: MGP7815
ISBN: 978-1-906103-84-2
Paperback, 156 pages
Date: January 2009

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Product page last updated: 30 October 2010