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Quick Maps: Super Dungeon 1

Super Dungeon 1

This product consists of 53 different 8x8 map tiles to print and arrange as required to display a dungeon complex to your players. The suggestion is made that for best results the tiles should either be printed on card, or glued onto heavy card/board or foam core.

It is a very versatile set, with room entrances aligned so that virtually any tile can connect to any other one. There is a wide variety of room shapes - some simple and others quite complex - all presented with a uniform flagged flooring design: this place (whatever you decide it is) obviously was built on purpose. In some chambers, the floor comes in two shades, you may wish to treat this as two levels or leave the characters wondering what the significance might be! Some rooms have pillars or partitions, there are several with massive pits in the middle, and there are corridor sections as well as chambers. A few rooms have specialist layouts: some with mystical signs on the floor, one with a lowered centre area and steps leading down to it and the like. To increase usefulness, one tile allows transition to more natural caverns, and several entrances are provided including one to a snowy scene.

If your adventures include classic 'dungeon crawls' this will be a useful addition to your supply of visual aids, particularly if you like to use miniatures. The one thing that's lacking is an overview sheet of what's available to aid in planning out your layout.

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Reviewed: 14 September 2010