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Doctor Who: Gamemaster`s Screen

Doctor Who Gamemaster's Screen

Very simple and straightforward: a nice stout GM screen, 4-panel, with pictures on the players' side and useful tables for the Game Master. It is good and sturdy, folding down to standard RPG-book size for ease of storage and transport (you could just about fit it in the core game box, if you want to carry the lot around in one packet!)

The players' side illustrations show Daleks and Sontarans (one of the Sontarans appears to be shooting at the Daleks although the one just in front of him has possibly unwisely removed his helmet), and the Doctor (10th regeneration) gazing out: he seems to be fixing the players with a firm eye, reminding them what they have to live up to, perhaps!

The Game Master side has lots of tables, printed clearly white on mid-blue. One useful idea is a quick index to handy sections of the Gamemaster's Guide, the page references to such as TARDIS systems, sources of injury and what happens when a character is scared or possessed: the things you might need to refer to in a hurry mid-game.

And that's it. Neat, solid and no fussy extras. If you like screens, particularly ones related to the game you are playing, this is a good example.

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Reviewed: 12 July 2010