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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: The DM`s Primer to the Rituals of Choice Adventure Path

The DM's Primer to the Rituals of Choice Adventure Path

This work is a brief and very high-level overview of what is actually going on behind the adventure path. As such, it is not recommended that players read it, although to be fair they will not be able gain much actual advantage as they play through the adventures if they do.

Indeed, my recommendation that players leave this well alone stems more from the fact that, given the sort of players this adventure path is designed for, knowing the underlying motivation for the events and challenges their characters will encounter might spoil it a bit. Certainly if you are the sort of person who avoids 'spoilers' for a TV show episode you have not yet watched, you do not want to read this!

If, however, you intend to DM the adventure path it provides a good primer to what (and who) underlies the grand plot arc... and could be useful if you are still trying to decide if you wish to embark upon it. Knowing what is going on can help in running adventures, if the underlying rationale is there in the back of your mind you can discern what may be important... even when you have not yet read an adventure five or ten installments in advance of where you are - it is after all a massive and epic campaign of 25 adventures. Even once they are all published you probably will not read them all in advance of running the very first one!

So read, enjoy, store this insider information away... and relish the looks on your players' faces as the plot unfolds!

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Reviewed: 21 April 2010