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Soundscapes: Prosperous Tavern

Prosperous Tavern

What fantasy role-playing game does not at some point end up with the characters in a tavern? If you like to set the scene with background music, this piece is ideal.

There is a busy hubbub of voices and clinking glasses and somewhere a minstrel is playing. I need to recommend this to one of my DMs who is forever trying to get ME to sing just because I like playing bard characters... they can listen to some gentle instrumental folk instead! When the music ends, there's a generous round of applause and some renewed chatter before different instruments begin to play.

On the whole it sounds like a good-natured and busy tavern, with conversation and ale flowing well. Don't play it when your characters go into the sort of inn where all the locals stop and stare at the newcomers or do something unsocial like speaking a language that the characters don't understand. This is the sort of tavern that you will enjoy a friendly evening in... even if there is a bit of good-natured teasing at times. In fact it quite reminds me of some good local folk nights that I've been to here in Cheshire!

At times there seems to be some kind of uproar and spectator comment. While the notes provided by Sonic Legends suggest a brawl, you may prefer to describe a pub game in progress - shove ha'penny, bar billiards or maybe darts.

Technically, it runs for nearly 10 minutes, certainly long enough to set the scene and with enough going on that if you decide to loop it and leave it running throughout the time your characters are in the tavern it will not be noticeable... provided you clip off the voice at the end inexplicably saying that the track was purchased somewhere else than where it did come from! Easy enough to do, if you are of a mind!

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Reviewed: 7 April 2010