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Old School: No Dignity in Death - The Three Brides

No Dignity in Death: The Three Brides

Contains three linked low-level adventures.

Publisher's blurb: "In the distant past, a woman died in agony. A victim of secret forces. In a present so close you just missed it, a woman died suddenly. At the hands of one who now looks you in the eyes. Tomorrow, a woman will just begin to die slowly, as one so chosen died a decade ago. And a decade before that.

"No Dignity in Death: The Three Brides tells the tale of a peculiar town of Pembrooktonshire, the home to many mysteries. Here happened a horrible crime whose perpetrator runs free. Here happens a strange festival and sporting competition with dire consequences for its participants. Here happened the tale of an explorer seeking his fortune, and taking several local youths with him into oblivion.

"An overzealous holy warrior. A storybook highwayman. A couple outcast for their forbidden love across racial lines. Civilization is more wicked than any dark wood or deep dungeon."

Megan's review

Book Details:
Author: James Edward Raggi IV
Publishers' Reference: LotFPNDiD
ISBN: 978-952-67263-1-1
Paperback, 38 pages
Date: August 2009

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Product page last updated: 5 April 2010