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Witch Hunter: The Invisible World

Witch Hunter: The Invisible World

Witch Hunter: The Invisible World is published by Paradigm Concepts, and is the first game to use their Adventure System, a fast and furious game engine that is simple to learn, but robust enough to handle any situation. Every facet of the game is designed to bring a world of chilling horror and high adventure to life.

And horror and high adventure abound in this game set in the late seventeenth century at the dawn of the Age of Reason, when men and women were first beginning to realize that experimentation and study could teach them as much about the world as religion ever had. It is the time of Isaac Newton and Louis XIV, of pirates and musketeers, and of the young colonies that would eventually evolve into the nations of the Americas. The world of Witch Hunter is almost identical to our own, though there are a few crucial differences. The Aztec Empire, aided by its bloodthirsty gods, has held off Spanish invaders for over 150 years. The Netherlands, aided by the commercial and magical influence of the Dutch East India Company, still occupy New Amsterdam, the city which was already New York in our history. And, most significantly, the horrible creatures and baleful spirits mothers warn their children about are all too real...

Paradigm Concepts have decided to follow up the unprecedented success of the Living Arcanis campaign based in their Dungeons & Dragons 3e setting Arcanis with a worldwide interactive role playing experience, Witch Hunter: Dark Providence. It is ideal for convention play or as an introduction to launch a home campaign. Sounds good, must round up some players!

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Page last updated: 21 March 2010