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Mongoose Traveller: Core Rulebook

Traveller Core Rulebook

The Mongoose interpretation of Traveller provides all the scope you need to let your imagination run freely through the universe...

Publisher's blurb: "Traveller is back, and it is better than ever!

"Based on the Classic Traveller rules set, this book has been streamlined for modern roleplaying, and yet still retains that unmistakable Traveller aura. With complete rules for character and world creation, spaceships, encounters and trading, it is your gateway into new universes.

"The Traveller Main Rulebook is the cornerstone of all your Traveller games, to be expanded upon with core supplements such as Mercenary and High Guard, or used with different settings like Starship Troopers, Judge Dredd and, of course, the Original Traveller Universe."

Megan's review

Book Details:
Author: Gareth Hanrahan
Publishers' Reference: MGP3800
ISBN: 978-1906103330
Hardback, 192 pages
Date: April 2008

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Product page last updated: 28 May 2015