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Geist the Sin Eaters: Dem Bones

Dem Bones

A Storytelling Adventure System scene, including a pre-generated character, to let you try out some of the more worrying aspects of this escape from death.

Publisher's blurb: "The Bound, gifted as they are with a second chance at life, do not die easily. A Sin-Eater's attendant geist can hold the most dreadful injuries at bay, and can even manipulate the laws of death so that another dies in the Sin-Eater's place. But what happens when that blessing isn't what the mortal side wants? What happens to poor Regan Anderson, driven mad by her bond to a geist so strange and alien to human thought that it's barely a shade at all? Too many 'deaths,' and the mortal mind starts to lose control, its humanity shrinking day by day and leaving the geist in control of the body. In the case of Regan's geist, that means a creature utterly foreign to human morality or even self-preservation now has ready access to the physical world, and the means to indulge its whims."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Author: Travis Stout
Publishers' Reference: Unknown
ISBN: n/a
PDF, 7 pages
Date: August 2009

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Product page last updated: 25 February 2010