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Shadowrun 4e: Seattle 2072

Seattle 2072

Iconic Shadowrun city, come visit Seattle.

Publisher's blurb: "It's a screwed up city. Isolated from the rest of the UCAS, it's haven for criminals - smugglers, syndicates, gangers. Legal criminals, too - megacorporations, governments, politicians.

"As beautiful as she is dysfunctional, Seattle is urban sprawl amid rolling hills and forests nestled up to man-made wonders next door to natural and man-made disasters. Whether you're a native or not, Seattle will draw you in like no other.

"You can run for a lifetime and never leave Seattle, but some say you can't run for a lifetime without entering."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Steve Kenson with Bill Aguiar, Jason Andrew, Randall Bills, Rob Boyle, Jennifer Brozek, Adam Bruno Bobby Derie, John Dunn, Mark Dynna, Mark Edwards, Jennifer Harding, Jason Hardy, John Helfers, Kris Katzen, and Adam Jury
Publishers' Reference: CAT26240
ISBN: 978-1-934857-58-8
Hardback, 200 pages
Date: August 2009

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Product page last updated: 21 February 2010