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Exalted 2e: Compass of Terrestrial Directions 2 - The West

Compass of Terrestrial Directions 2: The West

Even the world of Exalted has its pirates...

Publisher's blurb: "This second directional supplement presents Exalted's major seafaring nations - Wavecrest, Coral, Skullstone and the Neck - and reintroduces the gender-role-redefining Tya and everybody's favorite Demon-Blooded pirates, the Lintha Family to Second Edition. In addition, the mystery of the sunken First Age metropolis of Luthe is explored."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Alan Alexander, Eric Brennan, Genevieve Cogman, Conrad Hubbard, and Peter Schaefer
Publishers' Reference: WW80201
ISBN: 978-1-58846-696-9
Paperback, 162 pages
Date: August 2007

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Product page last updated: 6 February 2010