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Avalon Games Company

Avalon Games Company

Complete Product List

A lively company, formed as a joint venture by Robert Hemminger (former owner of Bad Baby Productions - hence their catalogue now appearing under the Avalon banner) and William Anderson (who also owns ComStar Games with his good lady wife), who say that they "hope you will find our product to be as fun as we have in creating them" - a promising start! While they see themselves as mainly creators of board games, there are some role-playing ones too.

  • Altered Earth - SF role-playing using the D&D 4e ruleset
  • Avalon Pathfinder - all manner of resources
  • Arcana - a fantasy RPG setting
  • Game Geek - monthly journal launched at the beginning of 2010
  • Heroes Wear Masks - super-hero role-playing based on the Pathfinder RPG ruleset
  • Infinite Futures - a Pathfinder RPG-based Science Fiction game
  • Slayers of the Great Serpent - a campaign for D&D 4e and Pathfinder
  • Wizards and Gunslingers
  • Worlds of Wonder RPG

Visit their website.

Company Section last updated: 13 September 2013