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HackMaster Basic: White Palette, Ivory Horns

White Palette, Ivory Horns

Stuck in a remote village by torrential rain, a party of novice adventurers are asked by an artist to retrieve some missing pigments he needs for the masterpiece he's working on... an interesting twist on the usual 'party of adventurers in an inn find an adventure on which to go' to start your campaign, giving a nice feel of a real world in which all manner of things are going on outside of the activities of the chatacters themselves.

Although quite straightforward, the adventure is well-presented, and if the GM is new to his seat behind the screen he will find that everything he needs to know is provided right to hand for every encounter, even down to what skill checks characters might use and the results if they are successful. A neat touch are check boxes to indicate that the party attained certain objectives along with the EP that they earn for so doing - very helpful in keeping track of the intangible rewards that ought to be handed out at the end of the adventure. All monsters encountered likewise have checkboxes to record their hit points as they lose them during combat. The quality of support includes a player map (ostensibly sketched for them by the artist), a map for the GM showing where everything is, and a battlemap for the final encounter.

Overall, this adventure both provides a good introduction to HackMaster Basic but also provides a lead-in to further adventures... and even has a nice little sting in the tail for characters who are feeling a bit too pleased with themselves!

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Reviewed: 31 January 2010