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Soundscapes: Elven City at Night

Elven City at Night

There is a shimmering strangeness to this piece, with undertones suggestive of great age and wisdom... peaceful and yet watchful: just the way that I at least tend to think of those elves who live in the depths of forests far away from the shorter-lived races.

These elves are contented and at peace, absorbed in contemplation - an occasional owl-call reminded you that it's an aboreal setting, perhaps tree-houses or dwellings nestled around the foot of great trees in a clearing deep in the forest and rarely seen by outsiders. In a way, while not actually unfriendly, it does not seem that welcoming either.

I tend to use music when writing rather than running games, and this piece certainly brings up ideas, images, that conjure up the concept of a classic deep forest elven city. Even without the clue of the title a quiet and calm forest is suggested.

In game, this one is best for a peaceful interlude, perhaps the characters have earned the title 'elf-friend' and have been welcomed - for surely had they not been welcome, things would not sound so calm!

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Reviewed: 12 January 2010