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Spycraft: Soldier/Wheelman Class Guide

Soldier/Wheelman Class Guide

Loads of additional rules material particularly aimed at Soldiers and Wheelmen, including plenty more on vehicle chases.

Publisher's blurb: "They are the agency's secret weapons... Its failsafe against global domination... Honorable warriors of a secret war...

"...and our last, best hope for peace. The Spycraft Soldier/Wheelman Class Guide greatly expands the options available for combat- and chase-oriented agents, offering all the material needed to run epic-scale combats or astounding cases under the most unexpected conditions and in the most exotic locations. Contained in this exhaustive volume are rules for building the finest combatants in the world and fielding them against the most awesome technologies available today!"

More when I get hold of a copy!

Click HERE if you want to buy this book from Amazon.com or HERE if you prefer to use Amazon UK.

Book Details:
Authors: Chad Brunner, Shawn Carman, B.D. Flory, Scott Gearin, and Patrick Kapera
Publishers' Reference: AEG1803
ISBN: 1-887953-61-2
Paperback, 104 pages
Date: 2002

Product page last updated: 16 July 2005