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Supernatural RPG: Corebook

Supernatural Role Playing Game Corebook

Ever fancied joining the boys in a hunt? Now's your chance.

Publisher's blurb: "Sorry to be the one to break this to you, but the truth hurts and there's no use sugarcoating it. Ghosts are real. Demons too, along with those bumps in the night and maybe even the monster under your bed. The world's a scary place. If you're lucky the nasties that creep around in the dark won't get hold of you.

"'Cept maybe you aren't lucky. Maybe you've already lost something - or somebody - to the darkness. All the booze and therapy in the world can't put your life back the way it was. And evil has a way of finding you again once it's had a taste of blood.

"So you decide to fight back. It's not gonna be easy - as this kind of on-the-job training can get you dead. But you can stop being the hunted and become the hunter. There's no fame or glory in it, and there sure as hell isn't any money. But if you get the job done, you'll save lives and send the bad guys screaming back to hell where they belong. If that sounds good, then you've got some work to do.

"In the Supernatural Role Playing Game you and your friends play hunters from the world of the hit television series. Play characters from the show or use the Cortex System rules to create your own hunter. You'll also find gory details on ghosts, demons, and other nasties for the Game Master to throw your way. All you need to start the hunt is this book, some friends, some dice, and some time to kill..."

Megan's review

Book Details:
Authors: Jamie Chambers, Cam Banks, Jimmy McMichael, and Aaron Rosenberg
Publishers' Reference: MWP1016
ISBN: 978-1931567497
Hardback, 184 pages
Date: August 2009

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Product page last updated: 1 March 2013