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Spycraft: Gentleman`s Agreement

Gentleman's Agreement

A collection of four linked scenarios, plus some interesting rules and resources should you wish to include a volcano in one of your own serials.

Publisher's blurb: "'Care For a Friendly Wager?'

"For years, wealth and power have been indeliby linked, and those with fortunes greater than some Third World countries have guided history with a confident hand. Back room deals and clandestine bargains have determined the fate of nations and the petty desires of a select and secretive elite have touched the lives of every man, woman, and child on the planet. Now, a decades-old gentleman's agreement and a dangerous game of brinksmanship threaten to plunge the world into ultimate disaster."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Click HERE if you want to buy this book from Amazon.com or HERE if you prefer to use Amazon UK.

Book Details:
Author: B.D. Flory
Publishers' Reference: AEG1804
ISBN: 1-887953-67-1
Paperback, 96 pages
Date: 2002

Product page last updated: 16 July 2005