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Aberrant: Elites


If you feel that super powers merit super rewards, read on.

Publisher's blurb: "Nova eiltes are paid millions of dollars to wage war for baseline clients.

"Money can buy anything - governments, body counts and, some say, souls. Project Utopia calls elites thugs. The Teragen calls them toadies to their inferiors. Nevertheless, elites - high paid mercenaries, agents of the powers that be and darlings of the N! network - are more than happy to give up stability and peace for the glory of the battlefield and the comforts of blood-soaked wealth. What would you do for money?

"Aberrant: Elites reveals the lives of those novas who offer their services, ass-kicking and otherwise, for sale to the wealthy. This book exposes the shadowy DeVries Agency (and some of its even seedier competitors) and includes rules for creating your own elite agency. Learn how your character can rake in the big bucks through assassination, bodyguarding or simply ripping apart small third world countries. The best become unimaginably wealthy. The incompetent die in the mud and are forgotten. Which are you?"

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: John Cavallino, Steve Kenson, Suzannah Mandel, and James Stewart
Publishers' Reference: WW8506
ISBN: 1-56504-692-7
Paperback, 96 pages
Date: 2000

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Product page last updated: 19 November 2009