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Mythweaver Adventure Journal #1

Mythweaver Adventure Journal #1

Written by the author of the Mythweaver RPG, this is a nicely-presented collection of ideas for and additions to the game. It starts with a discussion of the concept of 'role' as it has been presented in Dungeons & Dragons 4e, showing how careful selection of characters to build a coherent party can be of benefit even without the rigidity imposed by the D&D 4e roles. Sensible stuff, marred only by use of that nasty American slang term 'buff' to mean enhance - rendering at least one point unintelligible if you do not happen to know of that usage.

Next come a couple of useful additions in the shape of a collection of spirits for those who fancy supernatural opposition and a piece on heroic mounts, enhancing and expanding on the core rules about riding animals. Then there is an article on 'Bounties and Missions' inspired by online computer games in which a character can undertake solo tasks to increase his wealth or skill points. As well as the obvious benefits to the character, and their suitability for a solo character if the rest are unavailable or a new player is learning the game, they can be used to increase the 'realism' of the game world... a bounty placed on a creature that is causing a nuisance could, for example, introduce the characters to a local benefactor, suggest activities that the rogue creatures are distrupting and all manner of other things. And, of course, characters accustomed to accepting these kind of small tasks can be steered into whatever adventures you have in mind for them!

For those who would like to introduce items worth questing for, there's a selection of six named swords next, each with its own history and powers. I particularly like Nana, the Governess Sword, which attaches itself to young adventurers and tutors them - sometimes in an embarrassingly loud voice - not only in combat but in manners and deportment as well!

That's the end of the game-related material, the rest of the issue is filled with the first installment of a story by Michael Desing set in the game world. A promising beginning, with a youthful half-goblin busy getting himself into trouble as teenagers do... I'm looking forward to finding out what he gets up to next!

If you enjoy Mythweaver this is well worth your time, although there is little of use to the more general reader (there again, that is not the purpose of this journal!).

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Reviewed: 19 November 2009