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Catalyst Game Labs

Catalyst Game Labs

Complete Product List

Starting with the germ of an idea in 2002, which led to the acquisition of licences to produce fiction for the BattleTech setting in 2003, Catalyst Game Labs itself was set up in 2007 to handle the purchase, from WizKids, of the rights to both the BattleTech and Shadowrun RPGs. These games both continue to flourish - most of the original writers having stayed with the lines - while new games have been developed as well.

After various problems and disagreements, Catalyst reliquished their licences to produce Eclipse Phase and CthulhuTech in 2010; continuing to concentrate on Battletech, Shadowrun and the Leviathans board game which after a long development was launched in 2012. In 2014 the Valiant Universe RPG was published, marking Catalyst's entry into the superhero genre.

Visit their website.

Company Section last updated: 18 July 2014